Cagri Korlu


Working out with Ilia has been a great experience. I started working with Ilia when I was 95 kgs without knowing where to start and how to progress with my weigh-loss plan. Ilia is a very organised, disciplined and technically competent/ strong trainer. In 2 months, I lost 14 kgs and started to build up muscle thanks to his personalised training programs and diet plan. Along with his strong technical knowledge, Ilia is also very knowledgeable about nutrition. He follows up on a daily basis, schedules workouts for the days you work out by yourself and tracks your performance. He is very good at identifying your individual needs and improvement points. I strongly recommend Ilia ( Purposeful Fitness), working out with him has had a major impact on my life both physically and mentally. He is not only a personal trainer but also someone who cares about your well being and health.